Chapter Management

Hire a detail whisperer and sleep better tonight!

Does your Chapter Board and Chapter Manager perform like a well oiled machine?​

Are your Chapter & Board Members raving fans of your current Chapter Manager?

Are you accepting frustration & settling for a level of performance that is less than stellar?

Your term as a Chapter President is typically just one year (and most Presidents are surprised at how quickly that year expires). If your Chapter Manager Experience is lackluster, then you can do nothing or you can install Professional Chapter Management and elevate everything. Delay or act, it’s up to you and it's a lot easier than you think.

You say the word, we go to work and Board life &

Member life get better…a lot better!

Here’s the Vision Implementors Difference...

Board Meeting Attendance

Meeting Notes and Minutes

Learning Event Management

Social Event Management

Sponsor Management

Chapter Accounting


etc etc etc

If it happens in the Chapter, we can and will support the Member Leader (Chair) responsible for the Mission.

We’ve done successful Chapter Management handovers where we received a box of random folders and we’ve participated in professionally managed handovers – no matter, we can handle the task. While we prefer a managed handover, our promise is to you is NO EXTRA FEE for onboarding.

Our Clients Know…

Your Business is Our Business

Your Goals are Our Goals



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