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How To Grow Your Business By Doing Less

Do you believe that only you can grow your business?

You wouldn’t be alone.

Entrepreneurs and visionaries often have a single-minded drive and struggle with delegating.

They won’t hesitate to hire an accountant or lawyer to handle areas they know are outside of their expertise, but they feel they have to hold the reins for project management.

But if you want to know how to grow your business, you’ll consider outsourcing your visions to a team that can deliver them…while you continue to envision ways to advance your company’s short and long-term goals.

Outsourcing: your key to getting out of the trenches and back in the air

Most employees appreciate employers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get down in the trenches.

But what they might not appreciate is the fact that you’re not making the most of your time and talents. And you might be missing out on their abilities, too, by bogging them down with details that someone else could handle.

If you’ve hired sales and marketing staff to help you grow your business, do you need them sitting in meetings with venue managers and shipping companies when you’re planning to attend a trade show?

No. You want them following leads, making face-to-face appointments, building new markets, seeking out opportunities to present your product or service to an untapped customer base. Or strengthen relationships you already have with customers.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, you need to get out of the trenches and see your business from 20,000 feet. When you outsource the tasks on your to-do list, you’ll get out of the trenches and back in the air.

3 reasons to outsource when you’re growing your business

There are so many great reasons to outsource administrative tasks and strategic project management…it’s how to grow your business without overtaxing your resources.

1. It saves you money

You read that right. Outsourcing saves you money, and here’s why…

Your operating budget will probably be lean in the early going. And even when you start to see profits from your enterprise, you’ll want to reinvest them in the business to help it grow.

If you divert your accounting or operations staff to manage projects, you’re taking them away from their area of expertise. 

When you hire a part or full-time employee to manage special projects and events, it comes at a cost. And you have to keep them busy to keep them profitable. 

So, you’re paying their salary, benefits, taxes, and there might be seasons when there’s nothing for them to do. Your product or service might not be relevant in the winter, for example. 

Is it a time for strategic planning? Do you need a full-time project manager for that? Probably not. 

You’ll need them when it’s time to implement your plans, but not in the early stages. Why pay someone to sit on the sidelines?

2. It saves you time

If you’re trying to figure out how to build your business, do you want to spend time researching venues or productivity software? 

Is your time well spent setting up virtual meeting rooms and ensuring everyone has adequate technology to participate?

Of course not. Your job is to plan the agenda for the meeting or special event. Whether it’s an in-house brainstorming session or a tradeshow and conference that draws other industry experts, you shouldn’t be bogged down with the “how.” 

Your job is planning the “why.”

When you hand a special event, product launch, or training session to an outside expert, you free up your time to plan the content without the weight of dealing with the operational details.

3. It gives you freedom

Entrepreneurs are visionaries. They have to be. The business world needs people who are willing to imagine the possibilities and set the wheels in motion to make those possibilities gain traction.

But they’re often running at full speed from when they wake to the time they shut down for the night. They can be sketchy on the details in between.

That’s alright. 

We don’t want to quash your inventive personality, your initiative. We want to give it the freedom to keep imagining and innovating.

Leave the implementation to us.

Want to know how to grow your business?

So, do you want to know how to grow your business? Delegate.

Our team has the experience to fulfill your needs…even anticipate them. Every new enterprise is unique, but there are certain constants, and we’ve learned to predict them. 

It’s your job to innovate. It’s our job to elevate.

Your business might grow to a level that warrants taking on a full-time project manager or administrator. But for now, why not outsource the details to a team that specializes in the nitty-gritty?We can help you grow your business. Contact us, and we’ll explain how

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