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Why You Should Outsource Your Non-Profit Management

Is your non-profit looking for administrative support?

Your resources are limited and you’re working hard to provide services effectively on a tight budget…

Did you know that outsourcing some of the tasks in non-profit management can actually save you money?

You’d be surprised how quickly our team can get up to speed and help your charity excel…

Here are the top 3 reasons to outsource

Non-profit management can be challenging. 

You’re trying to squeeze value out of every penny your donors give you – and make sure your services are doing the most good in your community.

You’re accountable to your donors, your volunteers, your staff…and you’re motivated to help people in need.

So, you need support with…

  • IT innovations that could save you time and money
  • Targeted fundraising campaigns that require follow-up
  • Bookkeeping
  • Risk management
  • Communication with donors, volunteers, employees
  • Vendor and purchasing management

How do you cover all the bases? 

You and your team are the ones who know the community and its needs, so why not hand off some of these tasks to people who can do it quickly, efficiently, and allow you to work with your community…

…without being bogged down?

Here are three great reasons to outsource some of the tasks required for non-profit management to our team.

1. No overhead

Office space is at a premium for any non-profit. Spare offices or meeting rooms for volunteers and experts are hard to come by…

That’s okay. We’ve got our own offices, but we can link seamlessly with yours, so communication is timely and efficient.

2. No distractions

When you outsource administrative tasks to a “detail whisperer,” they put on blinders. 

Non-profit management requires juggling donors, volunteers, employees, grant applications, special events…

Hand the nitty-gritty work off to an outside source so you can stay connected with your donors and your team and not be buried in a mountain of paperwork. 

We’ll tackle the paperwork while you spread your message and motivate your team.

3. More time to plan

When you outsource administrative tasks, your team has more time for strategic planning. 

You’ve recruited talent – people inspired by your cause and your message. 

Don’t waste their energy and inspiration on tasks that an outsider could handle…

  • Talking to venue staff for your next fundraising event
  • Filing applications for permits, licences for special events, raffles, lotteries
  • Weeding through your website’s email contact list and slaying your inbox

Do you want your team stuck in the trenches, or do you want them at 20,000 feet planning ways to advance your charitable goals?

Non-profit management is manageable with the right team

If you’re running a non-profit, you’ve probably got a fire in your belly…and you’ve surrounded yourself with people who share that passion. They’ll drink terrible coffee and work at makeshift desks for long hours to help you advance your goals…

But they might not have all the skillsets you need to reach those goals. 

Non-profits generally start out as volunteer-led groups. However, as they grow, and activities become more complex, the added details distract from the cause. 

We focus on the details allowing the volunteers to focus on the cause.

You’ll get more out of your in-house team if you outsource the grunt work. 

Your team will be frustrated if they’re buried in paperwork. So, give it to our team. 

We specialize in the details so you can work on your vision.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us. We’re ready to help your non-profit organization thrive.

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