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5 Key Areas of Business Health

Are you looking for ways to improve your business health? Is your business prepared if you cannot work?

There are many different components of a business that cannot survive without the proper care. These components are essential to business health.

Here are five critical areas of your business that are critical to your business health.

5 Key Areas of Business Health

Specific parts of a business must be bulletproof against potential threats. Do you know what these key areas are?

Remember: your business’s health depends on you as the owner. How likely is your business to survive if you’re not there? 

Here are five key areas to focus on to improve your business health.

1. Finances

Who has access to your business’s bank account? Who approves financial transactions? Do you have someone who can pay the bills if you’re not there? 

You must be financially prepared if something happens to you. It is critical to have someone else besides the business owner in charge of the finances. 

We suggest having a financial team who can keep your business running without you.

2. Legal Documents

Where are your legal documents stored? If you are the only person who knows where the legal and tax records are, your business could be in trouble. Not only should you and the office manager know where everything is, but you should also store your papers somewhere safe.

3. Social Media Accounts

Who has access to your social media accounts? Where do you store your passwords? To ensure the safety of your social media accounts, there should be several admins who can manage each one.

Can you imagine what would happen if you were the only person with access to your social media and you lost access to your accounts? Loss of access to your socials could be devastating to your business and social media marketing efforts.

4. Your Website

Your website should have multiple personnel with access to it. The personnel should have the logins to both the website and hosting accounts. 

If only the owner or office manager has the information and passwords to update the website, or if they are not well-versed in hosting, the website could be at risk for errors, security risks, and more. 

5. Emergency Succession

Do you have an emergency succession plan? Have you ever even considered it? 

It is critical to have a detailed succession plan that clearly states what happens if there are sudden leadership changes. You must identify employees who can take over leadership roles and what the key positions require from employees.

Succession planning helps businesses stay organized and identify the most critical positions. It also points out the employees who have the right skills for taking over positions in a short amount of time.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Business Health

If you do not prepare your business for sudden changes, stress, or emergencies, it can be devastating for the organization. It is critical to take action today to ensure that key personnel and advisors have what they need to step in and help if you or any other key leaders in your organization become incapacitated.

At Vision Implementers, we empower entrepreneurs to eliminate the brain drain of details. We have the tools to help you jumpstart your business. Every business has room to grow – and we’re here to help. Whether you need help focusing on paperwork, resources, cost savings, or more, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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