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What is Chapter Management? How Implementing this Role Will Save You Time

Would you be prepared if you suddenly had to change your chapter management solution? Do you have access to essential data, passwords, and credit cards? Do you have a clear idea of what activities and responsibilities your chapter management coordinates and executes?

The thought of having to make changes to these processes creates anxiety and dread for many organizations simply because it can be messy and inefficient.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What is Chapter Management?

Long-term chapter management contractors have all the history and knowledge of the chapter they work with. When an organization parts ways with a contractor that takes care of all chapter administrative support, it leaves them without important, valuable information.

When your long-term chapter administrator is no longer performing at your desired level of support, it can result in many hours of recovery processes.

Hiring a support company with no expertise specific to EO can result in a lengthy onboarding process during which chapter management is not productive.

When a chapter manager lacks a clear view of roles and responsibilities and greatly underestimates the workload, the company loses money, resulting in the termination of the contract. An organization must devote valuable hours to recovery and clean-up when this happens.

When this occurs, finding the proper organization specializing in chapter management can be difficult and stressful, particularly when they have no knowledge of the company itself can be difficult. When a company doesn’t clearly understand the requirements of a chapter manager’s role, it results in a lengthy onboarding process while the company learns about EO and the role.

The benefits of chapter management

Chapter management has many different benefits, including:

  • Improved member support
  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Streamlined boarding process
  • Mitigated downtime
  • More expertise which increases organization efficacy

Implementing a chapter management role can save you time and money

Hiring a chapter management contractor can help streamline onboarding and provide companies with a partner that can help them run their business.

That’s where Vision Implementors come into play.

We help businesses by engaging a solution with specific expertise to ease your chapter
management worries from day one. We help improve member support, increase member satisfaction and create a streamlined onboarding process that mitigates downtime.

Having effective chapter management doesn’t have to be so hard. Vision Implementors is here to help.

There are many different questions you need to ask when considering chapter management, including:

  • What happens if the current chapter manager takes a vacation for two weeks?
  • The chapter manager informs you they are leaving with 30 days’ notice – what’s next?
  • If you hire a chapter manager, who is responsible for training them and getting them connected with the community?
  • Do you know which chapter activities the chapter manager is responsible for managing, coordinating, and executing?
  • What are the current terms and conditions for your current chapter manager?
  • Is your current chapter manager a W2 employee, 1099, contracted association management company, intern, staff member, or board member paid by that company, volunteer, or global staff member?
  • How much are you currently paying for your chapter management?
  • Does your chapter management have any bonus scheme?
  • What EO Programs are you providing to members as a chapter? (Accelerator, GSEA, SAP Programming, Mentorship, SLP Forums, Key Executive Forums, MyEO, Chapter Retreat)
  • Are you at risk with your current solution?
  • If your current chapter manager was incapacitated today with no pre-warning, do you have access to everything you need?
  • Is the data on the one hard drive, or is there cloud access?

Don’t know all the answers to these questions? Feel overwhelmed just looking at this list? Schedule a complimentary call today to learn how Vision Implementors can simplify the process of finding a new chapter manager!

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